Food Colors

Food colors are versatile additives used to enhance the visual appeal of various food products. They find applications in a wide range of items, from candies and baked goods to beverages and sauces. These colors are used not only for aesthetics but also to indicate flavor, distinguish between different product varieties, and even create seasonal or thematic product offerings. Whether it’s the bright red of a strawberry-flavored drink or the golden hue of a honey mustard sauce, food colors play a pivotal role in making our culinary experiences more visually appealing and enjoyable.

Water Soluble Food Colors

Product Name CI Number E.No. Shade
Tartrazine 19140 E102
Quinoline Yellow WS 47005 E104
Sunset Yellow FCF 15985 E110
Allura Red 16035 E129
Ponceau 4R 16255 E124
Carmoisine 14720 E122
Erythrosine 45430 E127
Amaranth 16185 E122
Brown HT 20285
Brilliant Blue FCF 42090 E133
Patent Blue V 42051 E131
Indigo Carmine 73015 E132
Green S 44090 E142
Fast Green FCF 42053
Black PN 28440 E154

Food Grade Lake Colors

Product Name C.I. No. Shade
Quinoline Yellow Lake 47005:1
Tartrazine Lake 19140:1
Sunset Yellow FCF Lake 15985:1
Ponceau 4R Lake 16255:1
Carmoisine Lake 14720:1
Amaranth Lake 16185:1
Allura Red Lake 16035:1
Erythrosine Lake 45430:1
Patent Blue V Lake 42051:1
Brilliant Blue FCF Lake 42090:2
Indigo Carmine Lake 73015:1
Black PN Lake 28440:1
Brown HT Lake 20285:1
FD & C Yellow 5 Lake 19140:1
FD & C Yellow 6 Lake 15985:1
FD & C Blue 1 Lake 42090:2
FD & C Blue 2 Lake 73015:1
FD & C Red 40 Lake 16035:1

US FDA Certified Water Soluble Food Colors

Product Name CI Number Shade
FD & C Yellow No. 5 19140
FD & C Yellow No. 6 15985
FD & C Blue No. 1 42090
FD & C Blue No. 2 73015
FD & C Red No. 3 45430
FD & C Red No. 40 16035
FD & C Green No. 3 42053

Granular Food Colors

Product Name C.I. No. Shade
Tartrazine Granular 19140
Quinoline Yellow WS Granular 47005
Sunset Yellow FCF Granular 15985
Carmoisine Granular 14720
Amaranth Granular 16185
Ponceau 4R Granular 16255
Allura Red Granular 16035
Brown HT Granular 20285
Brilliant Blue FCF Granular 42090
Patent Blue V Granular 42051
Indigo Carmine Granular 73015
Black PN Granular 28440
FD & C Yellow 5 Granular 19140
FD & C Yellow 6 Granular 15985
FD & C Blue 1 Granular 42090
FD & C Blue 2 Granular 73015
FD & C Red 40 Granular 16035


Natural Food Colors

Natural food colors are derived from various sources such as fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. Unlike artificial food colors, they do not contain any synthetic or chemical components, making them a healthier and safer option for coloring foods and beverages.

Natural food colors are available in a wide range of hues, from reds and oranges to yellows and greens. They can be used to enhance the visual appeal of food products while also providing nutritional benefits, as many natural color sources contain antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.

Common natural food colorings include beet juice for red/pink, turmeric for yellow, spinach for green, and blueberries for blue/purple.

Product Name Strength Form Solubility pH
Turmeric | Source: Turmeric | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Oleoresin Turmeric, WS 10% Liquid Water 1-7
Oleoresin Turmeric, OS 30% Liquid Oil >7
Curcumin, WS 25% Powder Water 2-7
Curcumin, OS 95% Powder Oil >7
Uses: • Sugar Confectionary • Ice Cream • Drymixes For Puddings • Drinks • Pickles • Cereal Products • Meat And Meat Products • Fish And Fish Products • Eggs And Eggs Products • Dairy Products
Vegetable Lutein | Source: Marigold Flower | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Oleoresin Lutein 10% Liquid Oil N/A
Uses: • Food Flavour • Pharmaceuticals
Beta Carotene | Source: Synthetic | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Beta Carotene OS Liquid 30% 30% Liquid Oil 2.5 – 8
Beta Carotene 1% Powder 1% Powder Oil 3 – 7
Uses: Used as a coloring agent or as a nutrient especially for oils, fats and oil based foods (margarine, cheese, ice cream, mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces, bakery products, soups). Also applied in pharmaceutical preparations such as liquid oral dosage forms and soft gelatin capsules.
Annatto Seeds | Source: Annatto seeds | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Annatto WS 2.5% Powder Water 7-11
Annatto OS 0.1% Liquid Oil N/A
Uses: • Cheese • Butter • Margarine • Cakes • Biscuits • Dairy Products • Soft Drink • Snacks • Meat • Fish • Grain Based Products
Caramel | Source: Sugar | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Plain Caramel Type I Powder Water 4-7
Plain Caramel Type I Liquid Water 4-8
Caustic Sulphite Caramel Type II Liquid Water 3-4
Ammonia Caramel Type Ill Powder Water 4-5
Ammonia Caramel Type Ill Liquid Water 4-5
Sulphite Ammonia Caramel Type IV Powder Water 4-9
Sulphite Ammonia Caramel Type IV Liquid Water 2.5-3.5
Uses: • Beer • Brown Bread • Chocolate • Cookies • Spirits And Liquor • Fillings And Toppings • Dessert Mixes • Doughnuts • Ice Cream • Soft Drinks (Especially Colas) • Sweets
Paprika | Source: Chilli | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Oleoresin Paprika, WS 40000CU Liquid Water 2-12
Oleoresin Paprika, OS 40000CU Liquid Oil N/A
Oleoresin Paprika, WS 40000CU Powder Water 2-12
Oleoresin Paprika, WS 50000CU Liquid Water 2-8
Oleoresin Paprika, OS 80000CU Liquid Oil N/A
Oleoresin Paprika, OS 100000CU Liquid Oil N/A
Uses: • Cheese • Dairy-based Drinks • Desserts • Edible Ices • Fermented Fruit Products • Jams • Jellies • Orange Juice • Processed Vegetables • Spice Mixture • Sauces • Processed Meats
Beet Root | Source: Beet | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Beet Root Powder WS 0.35% Powder Water 3-7
Anthocyanin | Source: Beet | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Anthocyanin, WS 4% Powder Water <3.5
Uses: • Confectionary • Desserts • Ice Cream • Fruit Preparations • Bakers Jam • Non-standard Jellies • Preserves • Sherbets • Yogurt • Gelatin Desserts • Candy • Bakery Fillings • Toppings
Chlorophyllin | Source: Grass edible plants | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Sodium copper Chlorophyllin 95% Powder Water 4-12
Uses: • Desserts • Beverages • Dairy Products • Ice Cream • Bakery Products • Confectionery • Fruit Preparation • Soups • Sauces • Snack Food • Seasonings • Convenience Food
Chlorophyll | Source: Leaves Spinach grass | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Copper Chlorophyll OS 4% Liquid Oil N/A
Copper Chlorophyll WS 4% Liquid Water 1-12
Uses: • Confectionary • Yoghurts • Ice Cream • Cereal • Starch-based Desserts • Cooked Fish And Fish Products • Mixes For Soups And Broth
Carbon | Source: Wood, bamboo, coconut, etc | Regulatory Status: FSSAI EC/231/2012 US FDA
Vegetable Carbon Black 95% Powder Insoluble N/A
Uses: • sugar confectionary • ice cream • drymixes for puddings • drinks • pickles • dairy products • cereal products • meat and meat products • fish and fish products • eggs and eggs products • pharmaceuticals

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